Sunday, October 30, 2005


Can you captivate my mind
And take hostage my time?
Can you look into my eyes
And read between the lines?
Can you hold my hand
And see all there is to be seen?
Can see you touch my skin
And trust all that is yet known?
Can you hold onto my heart
And make me feel safe?
Can you see me as beautiful
When I feel I can no longer go on
And still have faith in tomorrow?
Can you trust my love
And have faith in the outcome?
Can you see me for all that I am
And still want to wake up next to me?

Carnal Pleasures

Layin in the dark
I crave your touch
The scent of you
Lingering all around me
I ache for your kiss
I ache for your thrust
Needing you from light to dusk
The memory you
Carved in my soul
Haunting the night
As I lay here without you
I bleed just to feel
That all of you is real
The carress of your mind
Like thunder in my soul
Arousing my inner senses
Bringing me to life

Monday, October 24, 2005

Blank Pages, Empty Sheets

Ever so fragile
Held together by a string
So fine the naked eye cannot see
In heart made of glass
Emotions are felt, raw and fierce
Realities are shattered
Everything crashing to the ground
The resounding thump heard far and wide
Piece by piece
I pick myself up
Attempting to put back together
All that I've known and
All that I've believed
And as time passes by
Truths are revealed
Testing my faith
Opening my eyes
Crushing my hopes
Leaving it all behind
Chapters are closing
Blank pages remain
Faith not yet renewed
Life will never be the same
I am tired of the lies and
Sick of the game
Decisions are being made
Reshaping my future
Remembering the past
The only thing left is
To find strength
In world that tried to destroy me
Forsaking my name
Ever so fragile
Thru anger and tears
I climb this mountain
Blinded by love and faith
That someday I may find
Peace and tranquility
That someday in the future
I will be safe
Love has been painted with lies
Born to me without grace
desperately needing
To close that door
Locking away forever
The deceitful smiles and all her lies
Throwing away that key
Stop filling my head with
Fairy tale stories
For it is a life that does not exist
In awe and fear
Tears running down my face
I barely hold this pen
Choices being made
Starring down at this blank page
About to write my new life
Where am I going?
Who will I see?
The past has been painful and full of lies
Will the future... set me free?