Monday, December 11, 2006


The howling November rains
Whisper your gentle name
Across my heart, always remains.

In the sanctuary of the night
I feel your love
Forever unchanged.

In the shadows of truth
You keep me safe
From all of the unseen.

The weight of the world
Left me short of happy endings
Forever darkened by November rains.

My thundering fall from grace
You caught to soften the blow
And smiled to ease my soul.

And in your arms forever lives
The story of a life untold
So that freedom may reign.

My tears you forgave
My fears you swept away
In the darkness of these November rains.

I cannot stop believing
As you walk by my side
As mother’s do, singing a song, a lullaby.

I hear you call my name
In the darkness I rest my weary mind
For there is love in the November rains.

So today, I shall dance and rejoice
There is nothing left to explain
It doesn’t matter now… there is no more pain

In these November Rains…


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