Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Poem About Me from LastPoet

your more beautiful then a single rose peddle
that lays in the grass in a beautiful meadow
i dont know how i could ever be your fello
but i would like to say hello
only in person
before i decided that my situation has worsen
and fly off to another place
one that isn't so full of haze
cause i dont like living in a daze
in a weird maze
but you really are great and creative
almost gives me a motive
makes me wonder sort of
if i should take and move back home
jsut so i can call you on the phone
and listen to your sweet soft voice
leaving me feeling like i aint alone



An incredible beauty
Even the gods shy away
Their desiring glances...
But only on the outside

Surrounded by fear
And darkness within
Hunger for love
Void and empty on the inside

Stops short at success
Holding others hostage
In emotional battles
Killing those who once stood side by side

Shackled to the past
Wanting of the future
Sabbotage all the good
In a love affair with failure

Hold up that mirror
And see the reflection
Honesty at last
Is where Love truly begins.

Friday, July 22, 2005







Monday, July 18, 2005

Over the Rainbow

Over the rainbow
Wish upon stars
Touches the soul
Softens hardened hearts
Afraid to trust
In as much
Dreams may burst
Hope might die
But desparately wanting
For believeable feelings
Dreams come true
A wonderful world
Might possibly be
Purest of hearts
Holding scarred hands
Troubles be dropped
Like lemon drops
Falling from skies
Hearts eagerly burst
Like floating bubbles
Flying high above
In blue skies
Please don't hide
Dare to dream
Watch needs bloom
You are worthy
To be loved
Over that rainbow
Way up high
For JN... a best friend always and always...
Let those blue birds fly hun... dream big and full of color

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Haunting shadows lurking
Nightmares and dreams
Disappear in the bright light of day

Darkness is no longer
Hope and serenity abound
Because I finally understand

Freed from the shackles of the past
Breathing deeply without aid
A new sense of belonging settles upon me

Came out of hiding
Farewells and closures completed
Taking back control of my life

Infinite possibilities
Crowned with beautiful jewels
Forever a Queen, ruling glory and hope

No prisoners, no sorrows
Legends in the making
Beautiful past but powerful tomorrows.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Living in perfect symmetry
Our bodies felt against one another
Hearts intertwined with each feathered touch
Can this be far more than lust?

With each breathe taken, I am home
It is the sweetest tastes you leave in my mouth
Traces of you felt forever and a month
Can this be what fairy tales are about?

Swallowed by your glance is where I belong
Holding time hostage, locking the door
For with you, I’d wait years til my days are done
I will wait forever, are you my kingdom come?

The whispers of your voice tingles my soul
For at the core, I know who you are
With each look, I come undone, catapulted by truth
Have you decided if you want me by your side?

With each step we take, there are no mistakes
There is no need to try, for it all feels so right
Answering the call of our hearts and the hunger of our bodies
Can we take the risks and stand by each other side?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cyber Space

With understanding, our hearts collided
Emotionally haunting one another
Limited by space, screens and sounds…

Thoughts of your lips and embrace
Feeling the tenderness of your touch
Imagined with each key stroke

Lust guiding your impulses from glimpses of a picture
Minds swirling with unknowns and uncertainties
Restricted by voices at the end of the receiver

Will I ever see your face and feel your touch?
Will I get to taste your lust and enjoy the rush?
Will we be forever confined by space, screens and sounds?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


All I want is a sense of belonging...
Instead of being here on my own.
To be part of something far greater than...
An existence for one, to no longer be alone.
I've been tempted with such a life in the past...
Only to be a fool and not understand.
That it really could have been my last..
Chance at what I desire and long for the most.
Recent acquisitions only add to the dissatisfaction...
And the frustration that resides,
Continues to simmer such emotions inside.
I want that feeling and to belong...
To a love and life far greater than my own.
I want to feel and participate...
To share my all, to no longer be alone.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Mornings aren't for the faint of heart
As the nights are for the darkened souls...
There are no shadows to hide behind
Only blinding bright lights to illuminate...
Forces of nature to be reckoned with
Draws most like moths to a flame...
For it is a beauty so powerful
That only few can maintain...
And yet, it is so complex
Within it's simplicity...
Fears, anger and hatefulness
Surround our careful moves...
The pangs of release and tenderness
Survives within our consciousness...
But only the faithful and loyal heart
Cannot be bought, budged or moved...
For it is at the core of our souls
That shelter is love, healing and truth.

Broken Trust

Is it really that complicated?
Or is this what was fated?
A destiny so very unfulfilled?

The tears of mistrust have ran its course...
Sadness rained a thunderous storm..
Is it the Karmic wheel that was set in motion?

Like the hand of a grandfather clock...
I am reminded by the chimes of a life going by...
And of lessons I am failing to learn...

Have I simply misjudged or miscalculated?
As I continue to trust those far more jaded...
And forgo being master of a life not yet adorned?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Price of Fear

Like the walls of Jericho tumbling to the ground
And the sins of Babylon, she can no longer be found

Like the plight of Lot's wife aching for the past
Or the fate of Sampson, where strength could not last

Like that of Job's faith, tested beyond compare
Nailed to the pain, the cross I bare

A master to no one, will it all disappear?
I am my own Armagedon, by living in fear.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Can you not see this white flag
To my heart, I have surrendered?

And when I lay, I close my eyes
With every thought, I combust like fire..

When I feel my inner thighs
With every thought of you, I quiver
And in the darkness of the night
With every kiss, you put me under

With every touch, I feel your desires
Within that moment, there is no other
And how can you not see this white flag
For you have my body, I have surrendered