Friday, December 09, 2005


Empty words spuing forth from your mouth
Echoing vile words, noise I hear
Save them for someone who cares
I’ve heard these lies before

Cheapened words
Reckless actions
Selfish intentions
Harsh reactions

Faced by your reality
The lies you told to hide the truth
You say these words are to keep me safe
From all that you’ve done, to save face

Broken trust
Stolen future
Deceitful dreams
Bleeding hearts

Don’t say one more word
For in my heart, you no longer belong
Forever burning down
The dreams you painted before me

Cheapened words, broken trust
Reckless action, stolen future
Selfish intentions, deceitful dreams
Bleeding hearts; harsh reactions

Take all your lies and the life you lead
Walk out that door and leave
There is nothing sacred left to keep
I’ve lived these lies before

I hope it was worth it…..