Thursday, June 30, 2005







These are the thing I see
When I look in the mirror and believe.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Impossible Dreams

The lonliness that is felt inside
Standing by watching hope burn

Who can reach in and that key turn
The swtich to all the beauty that resides?

Is it such an impossible dream
To be together, on the same page, at the same time?

Can the lonliness that is felt inside
Be replaced with a love that will never die?


Today I feel stiffled
Today I am cold
Why do you continue to walk
In and out of my world?

My heart feels caged
And falling to pieces
Today you sadistically play
Invading my thoughts

What's mine is mine
Can't you see?
No one else can change
What cannot be seen

I beg for my freedom
To be set free
From the shackles of the past
And to simply be me

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Needs of the Body

I will let go of my senses
To see your face

I will touch your body
To feel my soul

I will look at your nakedness
To taste my own

I will feel you from the inside
Proud, loving and strong

In the throws of passion
Is where I belong

I am dying of hunger, so feed me now,
I am insatiable for your love

Sins of the Body

Starving, hungry, feed me
For I’ve got an appetite for your love

From behind
I want to feel you

From above
I want to see you

From below
I want to taste you

From the side
I want to know you

From everywhere
I want to hear you

Raw and passionate
Flames and fire

Hearts and bodies pounding
Animalistic, adulterated desires

There is no rhyme or reason
For these carnal thoughts

Just feed me now
For I’ve got an appetite for your love

He Who Once Was

The heart aches and breaks
Dying a thousand deaths
Reaching for the the future
While shackled to the past

The homeless heart
Trying to catch it's breath
The vast emptiness inside
That echoes your name

Starving for your touch
But memories forgotten
Inprints made on the heart
Swept away by borders and fears

Darkened souls
Enlightened by love
Leaving behind speckles of dust
On the rear view mirror of life

Reaching for the future
While shackled to the past
Hunger pains remain
But our love could never last

Monday, June 27, 2005


Can you blame the girl
For wanting to be seen and heard
As the woman and child she is inside?

Can you blame the girl
For her hunger and yearning
And her wanting of a heart to lay by her side?

Can you blame the guy
For his lust and passion
As he watches the days, go by and by?

Can you blame the guy
For his desires to be needed
And yearns for a heart to lay by his side?

Sunday, June 26, 2005


In the darkness there is light, under the shadow of the moon
Like a guiding hand, held out to show me the way
Honesty and truth penetrates the core of my soul
To bind the wounds that are raw and tender

The softened words that heal the weary heart
Like the comfort of a mothers unconditional loving arms
A refuge they are on stormy nights
It is but only a breathe away

Parched in the desert, hunger pains remain
Revitalized by knowledge and compassion
Lead to an oassis on a journey full of mirages
Where the truth is set free to fly amoungst the eagles

In the darkness there is light, under the shadow of the moon
Like a loving hand - held out for me to cheerish
Friendships forged in stone and lasting
For a beautiful season... is what I feel when I am here with you.