Friday, April 28, 2006

Hunger for Life

Buying miracles on the side streets of life
Hoping to find the fountain of youth
Beggars we are for the serum to happiness
While we fail in the lessons of life
Masochistically punishing the future
By holding onto to the mistakes of the past
Cutting short the possibilities of tomorrow
Buying discounted dreams offered at super stores
Crafted lives found in superficial magazines
While painting by numbers our dreams
Wearing a fashionable amour of fear
Chasing dreams made by fallen angels
Purchasing coal painted the color of gold
Living imaginary lives in a surreal world

Do we dare whisper our hopes and needs
In a world so scarce and shallow?
Can we find our way back to love
Centered in our faith and truth?
Will we live behind the bars of fear
And not release all that burdens the soul?
Lighten the mind and heart
For faithless miracles cannot be bought
Will we continue to beg for the answers
That can only be found on the inside?
Least we forget…
Love is heaven and hatred is hell
The secret to the fountain of youth
And the serum of happiness
Is the beauty that resides within
And having faith in the reflection we see
No matter how it may be perceived.

Wash away your fears and sorrows
For miracles cannot be bought in corner stores
Live today with infinite possibilities
Love yesterday for it is no more
And truth is the foundation upon which all exists
It cannot be stolen, procured or borrowed
For it’s roots are solid and uniquely yours
Forever planted in your soul.