Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Journey to Love

One foot in front of the other
I walk this path before me
Unsure of my footing
Bravely moving forward
Occasionally stopping and asking
For directions to perfection
To a cold and shallow world
Left shivering and alone
No one stops to lend a hand
Or to ask my name
Some will take all that you have
While giving very little in return
Sometimes the sun don’t shine
On this path of mine
But I continue to weather the storms
And I walk this path before me
Full of hopes and dreams
Knowing that at the end of my day
I will see the reflection of you
So I continue to ask for
The directions to perfection
Fully knowing it will lead me
Right to you
And what seems so sad and devoid
No longer holds true
In this harsh and cruel world
Full of hope and love
Lighting my way
When I cannot see ahead
And at the end of my day
As I lay my head
My heart rests with you.