Monday, October 30, 2006

In Rememberance

Life dealt its hand
The mighty fall to the ground
For the earth to swallow as a whole
Breathing life into barren lands
Beauty growing from its depths.

Life dealt its hand
Leaving in its wake
Disappearing footsteps
Of a childhood not seen
Miraculously, love never dies.

Life dealt a cruel blow
From ashes to dust
Magically vanishing
Existence and memories
But they are never ending.

Life dealt a cruel blow
But not all good things end
Angels watching our every move
Whistling songs of hope
Illuminating the way.

Life dealt her hand
Life is far from done
From above I can still feel you
From below I know you
From the heart I still sense you.

Life dealt her hand
Only to make me strong
In the knowledge of all that is you
For in your wings I am home
And In your embrace, I continue to love.

Dedicated to my mother (née), Leala Marie Jones
February 23, 1947- November 01, 1978

Life may have dealt her hand
Dimming the lights at the break of dawn
Rest in peace my beautiful guardian angel…
For each breath I take,
Your love stands the test of time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthday Poem for My Best Friend

Happy Birthday Janet!!!

A while ago
We met
But we did not see
Who we were
What was to be

On a day borne of hardship
An incredibly brilliant smile
No more to be hidden
Two worlds collided

Becoming you and me

A friendship forged in tears and laughter
A bond founded on respect
Unconditional acceptance
Enjoying life’s idiosyncrasies

That is you and me

The roads less traveled
Held together with hope and belief
Full of misadventures
Explored joyously

That is you and me

I do not question
How it all came to be
A friendship so faithful
Perhaps even make belief…

That is you and me

I thank my lucky stars
For the gift of you to me
You opened your heart and life
I am more than I ever hoped to be
Because of you and me...