Thursday, July 13, 2006


Round and round we go
On the carousel of life
Reaching out for tomorrow
As today passes us by
Watching the days turn into night

Yearning for a home
To make our fragile lives right
Stuck in waves of emotions
While begging for dry land
Growing fat on fantasy

Building castles in the sand
Impune to our reveries
Praying for salvation
Waiting for forgiveness
While searching for the promise land

Staring out into oblivion
Watching life with blinders on
Listening to faithless men
Stealing your worth
Making it less than the change in your hands

And when it’s all said and done
Can you say you’ve done it all?
Will you truly know who You are
And love all that was and wasn’t to be?
Did you find your goddess within,
And set her free?
Did you find the god within
And embrace the man?

Set yourself free
You innocent soul
Let love lead the way
Let joy guide your path
Towards a brilliant life
Full of infinite possibilities.


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