Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Love a Black Man

His skin is dark like mud

You only love him because he’s hung like a horse

Only a guilty man says

Hiding behind his invisible cloak of fear

Wishing to eradicate a blood stained history

Washing his snow white hands clean

Berating his kin for loving the very mud

He once enslaved and controlled


And now that I have my hands all dirtied in said mud

Growing within it love and passion

Fuelling his fire for life

And embracing his instincts for survival

His ingenuity for individuality

And creativity

His animalistic lust…

And visions for the future

I am no longer worthy of your attention.


For this white woman

Reminds you of your violent history

By loving the very mud you brought over in ships

Finding beauty in the shackles, chains and whips

For he has overpowered you

In spirit and survival

His lust and passion for life

Is the fuel that you so clearly

Choose to misunderstand

Never looking at it straight in the eye

Fearing the cycle set in motion

History continues to haunt you

As you continue to hide

Your face of racism

Under the invisible cloaks

And your hidden desires

To burn crosses in public


For a white women should never

Love the skin as dark as mud.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Alphabet Poetry

Altogether beautifully colourful
Definate equanimity
Fragrant gifts
Habitual integrity
Jazzy kaleidoscopes
Laudable moments nascent
Opulent perpetuity
Quixotic rhythms satiate time
Unequivocal vivaciousness
Wheedling xrated yearnings

Monday, March 19, 2007


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Monday, December 11, 2006


The howling November rains
Whisper your gentle name
Across my heart, always remains.

In the sanctuary of the night
I feel your love
Forever unchanged.

In the shadows of truth
You keep me safe
From all of the unseen.

The weight of the world
Left me short of happy endings
Forever darkened by November rains.

My thundering fall from grace
You caught to soften the blow
And smiled to ease my soul.

And in your arms forever lives
The story of a life untold
So that freedom may reign.

My tears you forgave
My fears you swept away
In the darkness of these November rains.

I cannot stop believing
As you walk by my side
As mother’s do, singing a song, a lullaby.

I hear you call my name
In the darkness I rest my weary mind
For there is love in the November rains.

So today, I shall dance and rejoice
There is nothing left to explain
It doesn’t matter now… there is no more pain

In these November Rains…

Monday, October 30, 2006

In Rememberance

Life dealt its hand
The mighty fall to the ground
For the earth to swallow as a whole
Breathing life into barren lands
Beauty growing from its depths.

Life dealt its hand
Leaving in its wake
Disappearing footsteps
Of a childhood not seen
Miraculously, love never dies.

Life dealt a cruel blow
From ashes to dust
Magically vanishing
Existence and memories
But they are never ending.

Life dealt a cruel blow
But not all good things end
Angels watching our every move
Whistling songs of hope
Illuminating the way.

Life dealt her hand
Life is far from done
From above I can still feel you
From below I know you
From the heart I still sense you.

Life dealt her hand
Only to make me strong
In the knowledge of all that is you
For in your wings I am home
And In your embrace, I continue to love.

Dedicated to my mother (née), Leala Marie Jones
February 23, 1947- November 01, 1978

Life may have dealt her hand
Dimming the lights at the break of dawn
Rest in peace my beautiful guardian angel…
For each breath I take,
Your love stands the test of time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthday Poem for My Best Friend

Happy Birthday Janet!!!

A while ago
We met
But we did not see
Who we were
What was to be

On a day borne of hardship
An incredibly brilliant smile
No more to be hidden
Two worlds collided

Becoming you and me

A friendship forged in tears and laughter
A bond founded on respect
Unconditional acceptance
Enjoying life’s idiosyncrasies

That is you and me

The roads less traveled
Held together with hope and belief
Full of misadventures
Explored joyously

That is you and me

I do not question
How it all came to be
A friendship so faithful
Perhaps even make belief…

That is you and me

I thank my lucky stars
For the gift of you to me
You opened your heart and life
I am more than I ever hoped to be
Because of you and me...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Than I Can Bare

So numb from the pain
To give in means certain death for
All my hopes and dreams were truly in vain
Parts of me die with each breath
I look for answers with closed eyes
While the voices in my head scream out WHY?
What did I do to you to make it all a lie?
My heart aches to comprehend
While my mind races the race with no end
Afraid to breath for it will give it life
Afraid to look at the truth in broad daylight
You turned your back on me
After claims of loving me madly
You left me standing in the rain
I then turned to the wrong men
To ease the pain
To hide from the truth
To pretend I did not loose
I believed you and your words
You held me up when I was weak
You made me believe and want life
I let you into my heart, into my world
Made you a big part of my soul
And now I wonder… how could I have been so wrong?
My heart is now parched and deserted
Uninhabitable I have become
I beg to cry the tears that aren’t coming
To give a voice to the anger that won’t show its face
Like a widow, there is no color without you here
But you made sure there is no going back…
Painting for me the face of fear

Please release me from this prison...
For this is far more than I can bare...