Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Than I Can Bare

So numb from the pain
To give in means certain death for
All my hopes and dreams were truly in vain
Parts of me die with each breath
I look for answers with closed eyes
While the voices in my head scream out WHY?
What did I do to you to make it all a lie?
My heart aches to comprehend
While my mind races the race with no end
Afraid to breath for it will give it life
Afraid to look at the truth in broad daylight
You turned your back on me
After claims of loving me madly
You left me standing in the rain
I then turned to the wrong men
To ease the pain
To hide from the truth
To pretend I did not loose
I believed you and your words
You held me up when I was weak
You made me believe and want life
I let you into my heart, into my world
Made you a big part of my soul
And now I wonder… how could I have been so wrong?
My heart is now parched and deserted
Uninhabitable I have become
I beg to cry the tears that aren’t coming
To give a voice to the anger that won’t show its face
Like a widow, there is no color without you here
But you made sure there is no going back…
Painting for me the face of fear

Please release me from this prison...
For this is far more than I can bare...