Monday, July 11, 2005


Living in perfect symmetry
Our bodies felt against one another
Hearts intertwined with each feathered touch
Can this be far more than lust?

With each breathe taken, I am home
It is the sweetest tastes you leave in my mouth
Traces of you felt forever and a month
Can this be what fairy tales are about?

Swallowed by your glance is where I belong
Holding time hostage, locking the door
For with you, I’d wait years til my days are done
I will wait forever, are you my kingdom come?

The whispers of your voice tingles my soul
For at the core, I know who you are
With each look, I come undone, catapulted by truth
Have you decided if you want me by your side?

With each step we take, there are no mistakes
There is no need to try, for it all feels so right
Answering the call of our hearts and the hunger of our bodies
Can we take the risks and stand by each other side?


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