Monday, September 26, 2005

For My Inner Child

Take hold of my hand, little girl
And take a walk with me
My heart will always be true to you
In spite of all you've done
And all you've seen
No need to hover in the corner
Fear no longer exists
Take my hand little child
And learn what love is
Smile and be free
I will always be there for you and me
Dance a while to the sound of your heart beat
To the music of freedom and peace
Take my hand, beautiful girl
For it is yours to keep
I will fight hard to keep you safe
Erasing the scars left on your memory
Broken promises, you will no longer cry
Pain will no longer be your guide
Burry your sorrows and tears
Craddle in my arms, little child
For with me, you will always smile
And when we fall
We will catch each other
I will be waiting for you as you wait for me
Take my hand little one
And know, we are beautiful
We are still very much alive.


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