Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I cannot stay hypnotized, within your grip
Your religion, immobilized, I can no longer worship
The heart I gave, a sacrificial lamb it became
For your morbid viewing pleasure
You drained me of my lifeline
Before you I will no longer stand
Within your gaze, I can no longer stay
Your cloak of darkness, engulfing your rage
Within the walls of this Babylon, I refuse to remain
Down your darkened hallways, you’ve taken me
I can no longer Be, it is suffocating
In this space, it is far too hard to breathe
I have lost all faith, in you I no longer believe
Even with my unconditional love, I cannot save
Within the walls of your religion
A slave I refuse to be
Solace will be found outside your sanctuary
The monkey on my back, you will no longer be
I can no longer stay within and outside these walls
An emotional vampire you have been
My smile and inner fire are nowhere to be seen
And like a thief in the night I will flee
Towards self-love, towards serenity
Worshiping your religion, I set myself free.


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