Friday, September 09, 2005

Poems ... about Me...

I have been here a short while
Met alot of people that make me smile.
Made some friends that are dear.
Even stoped in peterborough for a beer.

My first week sure was great.
I quickly had a date.
So many girls so little time.
I thought talking to to many was a crime.

I stopped and thought, there was no way.
A girl could get to know me while dealing with such an array.
So i took my time and paid attention.
But, really was not too many to mention.

The threads is where I noticed her.
Did not take me long to be sure.
That this girl was one of a kind.
She was just blowing my mind.

I kinda followed her posts.
Not shying away from replying to most.
We kind of seen eye to eye.
But, I think she was seeing some guy.

When her crush list came to me.
I was so amazed to see.
That this girl was crushing me as well.
I quickly responded back answering the bell.

This girl gave me such a glow.
I tried to look for some faults you know.
But all I seen was beauty in every way.
Now, soon is our big day.

I see her so strong
I am definitely not wrong
Before i take my first breath in the morning she is in my head.
And the last thought before I go to bed.

I presented this poem to all of you.
Everything I said is so true.
I really hope she works for me.
I sure you all know her as K.C

~by my sweety.. Justin.. posted in the forums of POF...


Justin that was beautiful
I hope all works out and your life feels full
K.C has a heart of gold and I'll tell it like this so...

Listen up close, this is a true story
Of the first person who ever defended me

I made a post, it was hated by most
did I really care? ummmm, nope!

But people got mad at the example I made
Then out of nowhere K.C came to my aid!

I reffered to some women as being bi-polar
Everyone freaked that I was way out of order

So there you have it, a real true story
to put a smile on both your faces to bring out the glory
of two people getting hooked up from the pof sorority
Or maybe a fraternity, well which ever it may be
Be true to each other and may you last an eternity!

I know it was short and NO you can't retort
I wish both of you the best of luck,
I'm done Kobie just shut the hell up!!!!!!!

~From my friend Kobie, so moved by Justin's poem to me!!!


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