Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dear Mom

The day you died
I remember so vividly
A child robbed of
Love, protection and peace
No one to help me as I
Silently screamed of pain
No one to hold my hand
To tell me I would be OK
In violence, starved of
Your touch
I prayed to the gods above
To just once see your face
"Come take me away,
Let me be with you.
I am not wanted here
I am not loved by them.
I miss you mommy,
Please come save me."
I still cry those tears
I still know that pain
You never came
But I knew you were
Near on wings of butterflies
I don't remember your touch
But I know the touch of fists
I beg for the pain to stop
"Please come save me.
Please come take me away.
I want to live, have no fear.
I want to feel, not tears.
I want to see, and know you
For only then, I might know me.


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