Wednesday, September 07, 2005


You came into my life
Your kind words
Of wisdom
Is the sweetest melody
Within your grasp
I can safely Be
Within your gaze
I long to Be
Within your touch
I simply need to Be
You have seen my pain
You understand my past
While, gently,
You hold my heart
You do not feed
My fears
You make love
To my mind
I feel safe in
Your heart
I feel desired in
Your mind
I am beautiful in
Your eyes
I am simply wonderful
Within your soul
Can you possibly be
What I feel as truth?
Can you possibly be
The right One for me?
The gods have finally
Blessed me today
For they have shown me…
~ Dedicated to "Justin"... a wonderful man... a kindred spirit... my safe haven... a beautiful place to fall... May this be... all that we hope for... ~


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