Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Is it possible for some one
To come and rescue me
From this disaster life seems to be
Is it even remotely feasible
To feel the love that once resided
How did I get so lost along the way
Seemingly so strong
Crumbled at your feet
No stone left unturned
Desolation, eaten alive
The burden I carry
Weighing me down
Is far too heavy to carry on my own
Where did my light go, the Sag’s flame
Burnt out long ago, when you called my name
Now I am left here standing, covered in shame
The darkness swallowed me whole
Drowning in the darkness of your despair
Pushing and pulling
I managed to break from from your current
Only to be swept away by life’s turbulence
When I look in the mirror all I see
Is my father’s reflection looking back at me
How can this be
How did I vear so far off
Nothing but poor decisions
Living a year of confusion
When do I get back my smile
When do I ever return to being
The woman that once was happy and free
Will I ever know what that truly means
To be wanted & accepted for the woman I am and can be
Will I ever learn to be these things… for me
Where did I go…
This simply cannot not possibly be
What fate had in store for me.


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