Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goodbye Justin... Goodbye Dreams

Visions of me created in your mind
Only leaves the potential for greatness behind
You say you saw me through smoken’d mirrors
Made me a believer, I had no fears
But you only saw your own visions of me
Of what you wanted Her to be
Not once hearing or looking at the real ME
Shattering all hope thru your expectations
Pressures to find the one great love of your life
I have been down that road before
It cut me wide open with a jagged knife
But today I am nobody’s fool
So take your life, live and learn
For your Eve, you will find as you yearn
Finally see the beauty she is as she stands
Perhaps alone, in her Garden of Eden
But my heart closed it’ll be
Walls standing tall
A mighty fortress once again cold and empty
The end of a dream, the end to it all
I will not wear that mask
You need from the image of Her to feel
For it is not me, it is far from real
I cannot compete with a vision of Me
For in that mirage, I will never be real,
I could never simply BE
All that you’d hoped for and dreamed
Open your eyes to the real world
For in love and life
There is so much to be shared
Wash away the dreams you’ve made of me
And maybe only then you will find your Eve
And live in love forever and a day


At Thursday, September 15, 2005 2:28:00 p.m., Blogger David E. Patton said...

Its always a joy to run across a bit of poetry while blogging alone, and I am glad that I came across yours. Keep the poetry coming. You can check out my poetry at davidepatton.blogspot.com


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